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Successful Affiliate Websites You Should Learn From

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Successful Affiliate Websites You Should Learn From


Skyscanner has an inspiring success story for all bedroom affiliate marketers. Many people consider this as the “Google” of all flight and travel deals. It wasn’t always this big, though. It was started by 3 university graduates back in 2001 as a simple affiliate website helping people look for the most affordable flights all around the world. Its focus is to provide more value to users, and help them save cash.

2.The Wire Cutter

The Wire Cutter is a web content-heavy platform helping people find the best items in a vast range of categories. Despite being a popular review website on the digital landscape, it only publishes a few posts each month. The reason for this? Well, test each product thoroughly before reviewing it. Moreover, each review contains a thousand words.

3.This Is Why I’m Broke

Are you looking for the most unusual, bizarre products that you can promote on your affiliate marketing blog? Looking for the best products for affiliate marketing in Malaysia is not easy, so it’s important where to look! Try exploring This Is Why I’m Broke. This platform is unique for the reason that it lists items that normal individuals wouldn’t buy. Nevertheless, it still makes thousands of dollars on Amazon.


NerdWallet just started as a simple credit card comparison platform. But it has already grown into a huge personal finance website serving more than 11 million visitors every month. It posts exceptional web content, both in terms of user experience and usefulness. If you are looking for a guide when it comes to credit card use, investment opportunities and insurance programs, this platform is for you.


MoneySavingExpert proves to people that it’s possible to grow a small affiliate website into a huge, major publication. It started as a basic one-man website project by a man named Martin Lewis. Eventually, it grew as one of the biggest personal finance websites in the United Kingdom and the rest of the world. This platform publishes comparisons, reviews and other blog articles offering a range of finance tools.