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Buying Your Baby’s First Pair of Shoes

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Buying Your Baby’s First Pair of Shoes

Are you excited to purchase your child’s first pair of shoes? Getting the perfect pair can be overwhelming and challenging. There are a lot of baby shoes in Malaysia to choose from. To make sure that she wouldn’t hurt her feet, you need to learn how to pick the best fit for her at this early stage in life. Here are some tips you should know. 

What should you look pair in a pair of baby shoes? 


  • The shoe must be lightweight. 


A heavy pair of shoes can make stepping a lot harder. Stick to lightweight and breathable leather. Many moms would prefer canvas and fabric shoes to replicate a flawless barefoot experience. 


  • Choose flexible shoes.


Buying baby shoes doesn’t have to be difficult. For many first-time parents, their first rule when it comes to baby shopping is to get the most flexible pair for their little ones. A flexible shoe is highly bendable, and can be twisted in every way. 


  • Look for the right fit.


Your little one wouldn’t be able to know if her shoes are too loose, or are pinching her toes. This is the reason why you need to assess the fit thoroughly. At the widest point of the shoe, check if you can still grasp a small bit of material between your own fingers. If there is too much, then the shoe is too wide. If there is none, then it is too narrow. 


  • Choose the pair that best fits your budget.


Buying baby shoes doesn’t have to be expensive. Remember, this type of shoe doesn’t need to last forever. Soon, your kid would outgrow them. Never get tricked into buying expensive ones, thinking that they are better. 


  • There is no need for corrective features. 


Infants don’t need ankle support simply because their muscles need lots of room to strengthen and develop on their own. Those special arches and corrective features meant to a baby’s feet are also not great idea.