6th Jun, 2011

The Camera Sim That Helps You Experiment

If you’re feeling particularly lazy and your camera really isn’t in reach, yet you’re dying to experiment with the basics of photography, there’s, as they say, an app for that, and it’s called the SLR camera simulator Read more for the link and a few words.

The SLR camera simulator is an online simulator that seeks to show visually how different settings on your camera will affect your image. Choose a high ISO and you’ll see noise creep in, select a low shutter speed and the windmill that the little girl is holding will blur. It must be a really windy day, because it doesn’t really freeze till 1/250th of a second. It’s really quite impressive, even allowing you to move further away from the subject, zoom in and out, and tweak your exposure. It’s just sad that the scene in the frame doesn’t change when you choose a different sort of lighting.

Granted it’s a really nice effort by whoever created it, but honestly with digital there really shouldn’t be any reason why you’re Not using your camera to experiment. Even seated at your work desk there are plenty of things to photograph. Get to it!

Source: PetaPixel

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