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7 Ways to Increase Your Conversion Rate Right Now

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7 Ways to Increase Your Conversion Rate Right Now

When you do something in life, it is done because you want to achieve a goal. The same thing can be said when you put up an ecommerce website development company.
If your main intent is for people to just read your website, then you are not really maximizing the capabilities of your online store. You want people to not only read your website, but you also want them to purchase some stuff as well.
But, how do you make sure that you achieve that goal?

Conduct Some A/B Testing

The premise of A/B testing would be to test two templates at the same time and see which one provides a much better result.
In this case, you may want to launch two versions of your website and give a proper time period to test each. There are some programs that will allow you to drive 50% of the traffic on site A and the rest on site B.
Once you get the analytics, implement the one that has the higher conversion rate. You may want to do this process a couple more times to see maximum real-world results.

Give a Clear Value Proposition

When a person enters your website, what do you want to convey to them? That would be your value proposition. It is not about “what’s in it for me?” but rather “why buy from you?”
To make a good value proposition, your products should stem from market research and analysis. You may also want to throw in competitive analysis as well.
To truly test the effectiveness of your value proposition, you can employ A/B testing methods.

Create a Sales Funnel

You also have to take into account that some people might have just come to your store just to browse around. They usually have intent and perhaps your store can provide a solution.
To help convince your visitor, you have to market your products in a way that raises awareness and piques interest for people to buy from you.

Do Not Use Jargon

Remember that people who come to your site may not have the technical knowledge that you do. That is why you need to cut any industry jargon to ensure that they will know what you’re trying to convey.

Answer Questions

Before people buy things, they usually have a lot of questions so that they will know what they’re actually purchasing.
If you are selling only a handful of products, perhaps creating a FAQ section on your site with all of the answers that a user might ask to get addressed in the section.

Trust is Important

According to Zig Ziglar, there are four reasons why people do not buy from you and one of them is the lack of trust.
As an online entity, the only way for you to establish trust would be to cite all of your testimonials, recommendations, mentions, awards, and so on. Be sure to put them on the front page.

Make It Incredibly Easy for People to Buy from You
Your website’s structure should be done in a way that will lead people to know what’s next. For instance, if they click on your call to action button to purchase something, lead them towards the next steps by including a prominent ‘Next’ button.