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5 Great Tips to Help You Create an Attention-Grabbing Website

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5 Great Tips to Help You Create an Attention-Grabbing Website

Many blog posts tell designers to keep their websites as simple as possible. However, the term “simple” is kind of vague. How can you really tell if your website is simple? Does it involve the theme? Does it talk about the design? Or does it talk about the functionality?

Actually, it is a combination of all three. You can create simple websites that do not skimp on artistic creativity. So if you want your sites to look amazing, here are some easy tips from a website development expert that can help you create attention-grabbing pages:

Follow the 80-20 Rule

The Pareto Principle or popularly known as the “80-20 Rule” can be quite useful in web design. Basically, you want to implement only 20% of the design to have an 80% impact on your site’s visitors.

To give you a clearer picture on how to do this; suppose that you have a page for your blog, another page for your testimonials and reviews, and another page solely for your products.

You want to do things in a way that has the biggest impact by only implementing the essentials. So for instance, since you have multiple pages, you can conceal them with the use of hamburger menus so that the main page will not be cluttered with different links.

Or, you could implement a drop-down menu prominently placed in the middle of your homepage or something.

Cover the Essentials

A typical website has their content, their about page, and their contact information. You may want to add a few other things, but for the most part, if you can cut it down to the bare minimum, the better.

Do Not Put Too Much Fluff

Modern web designers would encourage you to put animations and page transitions to good use. And although both of those are quite good as it can help with user engagement, some designers just go way overboard and adding extra elements that do not serve a purpose.

If you are adamant in implementing these, make sure to only put one or two at maximum. If you can, add these extras in functional ways.

For example, when the animation stops, it could present a link that users can tap on so that they will be redirected to a certain page or feature of your website.

Good Content Brings in the Goods

If you have a basic knowledge of SEO, you know that having amazing content is something of great importance. If it is something that can help with conversion rates, then write about it.

Good content will always bring people to your website. Make it informative, intriguing, and even thought-provoking as well.

Use Fewer Colors and Stay Consistent

If you look at successful companies, they rarely ever use more than 3 colors. And there is a reason for that. If your branding is something that is not too overly flashy, it will be easily remembered.

You can research more about the psychology of colors and use those that evoke a certain emotion that you want in your customers.