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5 Critical SEO Considerations When Optimizing News Websites

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5 Critical SEO Considerations When Optimizing News Websites

Publishing compelling content, and delivering an efficient user experience are crucial for every SEO strategy. However, not all websites operate on the same exact guidelines. If you are managing a news website, here are the best practices that you and every internet marketing agency in Malaysia should keep in mind.

1.Create evergreen content.

As a news website owner, producing content on timely topics is the focal point of your business model. Thus, 99% of the time, your articles will have a very short lifespan. The spike on your web traffic wouldn’t last, and as the content ages, you will get less and less web traffic.

The solution? Continue making quality content. The more news, the better. Moreover, to maintain the good flow of traffic, you must try your best to create evergreen content.

2.Make sure your web content shows up in Google News.  

Your news content should show up on Google News. This is a vital strategy for every news website. Check its content guidelines, and ensure that your web pages are up to Google standards. If you think that you are following its guidelines, then submit your website for Google’s approval. Once accepted, just continue making compelling content.

3.Concentrate on keeping a clean, organized architecture.

News websites naturally pose plenty of SEO challenges. Why? Well, they are big and constantly growing. You need to maintain a clean website structure and architecture. Since users love easy-to-navigate pages, this would be beneficial for you.

Remember, a clean and organized layout is paramount. Assess the categories and tags you are utilizing on your web pages. Make sure that they are functioning well for you.

4.Mobile usability is critical.

Mobile usability is very important for all websites, most especially for news sites. In fact, several Americans browse the internet using their mobile phones. See to it that your website has a responsive design.

5.Optimize for crawl speed.

if you really want to boost your news website’s online presence, you need to strive hard to ensure that your pages are indexed by Google. Luckily, there are various SEO factors that can assist you with craw speed. This includes hosting performance, XML sitemaps and website speed. Moreover, you should regularly update your sitemap with new, engaging articles.