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10 Ways to Build Brand Signals for SEO

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10 Ways to Build Brand Signals for SEO

Ways on Building The Brand Signals for SEO

Brand signals could be considered as one of the important aspect for a website that are mainly related to seo and web optimization which is the search credibility. From search credibility, the website could simply track and analyse on the number of searches that had been done towards the website on the brands visibility and credibility.

Brand signals prove to Google that you have a genuine brand and business. Think of these brand signals as the base that should be created before jumping into link acquisitions.

How to use brand signals for search engine optimization?

Creating remarkable brand signals is the initial part of the ranking process. Why? Simply because it establishes trust around the target website.

1. Secure Your Brand

Make sure to secure your brand’s name in all top-tier social media platforms. Secure the brand name at the most highly-trafficked platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, Pinterest, Tumblr, Vimeo, LiveJournal, Quora and Weebly.

2. Secure Second Tier Properties

There also some second-tier platforms that you need to secure. This can be a tedious job, so you may want to utilize some helpful tools to address these properties.

Remember, securing your website on several irrelevant platforms is not necessary. That is a total waste of your time.

3. Niche Profiles

Look for other niche relevant platforms. If you are a professional real estate agent, then you may want to sign up in Trulia. On the other hand, if you are an attorney, then Avvo would be the one for you.

How can you find the most relevant platforms?

You can use this basic search function: “keyword + sign up”

10 Ways to Build Brand Signals for SEO4. Account Population

Securing digital properties is not enough.

You should populate them, and improve activity level. Begin with the most crucial profiles on the first tier.

Some of the things you need to accomplish:

  • Come up with a keyword-rich description
  • Insert your link (branded anchor)
  • Share important pages and blog posts on your website
  • If you are a local business, don’t forget to include your address

5. Social Link Wheel

The most convenient way to gain a huge amount of brand juice is through the social media platforms. Nothing complex or tricky, you just need to link out to your other social media profiles.

You don’t need to link 30 of your social profiles. 3 to 5 would do good. Eventually, this will improve the page authority of your social profiles.

6. Internal Authority

All social media platforms that you have signed up for have something in common: tons of authority. If you want to establish the authority your social profiles in the fastest way possible, you must leverage on internal authority.

You must not over-complicated this one. All you need to do is improve your social platform authority. Since plenty of these platforms have the “follow” button on their internal links, you just need to increase the number of internal pages linking back to your social profile.

The more internal links you have, the more profile authority you can gain.

7. Branded Content

Many of your branded accounts you created allows article publication. And of course, you should take advantage of that feature. You should publish regular high-value content on your properties. With every new branded content piece, link previous resources and articles.

This is crucial to gain authority to every branded profile, which in turn sends authority and trust to your money website.

8. Business Citations

Each online business is operating somewhere else. It is important to consider utilizing business citations since this is an effective way to establish brand signals, and dilute link profiles.

Many business listing websites give out branded anchors or naked links with the choice of linking out to social profiles. Take advantage of this opportunity to further improve the authority of your social media accounts.

9. PDFs and PowerPoint Presentations

Make high-value PowerPoint presentations and PDF files, and distribute them across authoritative websites such as SlideShare and Scribd. Creating these visual materials can be time-consuming, so make sure to take the time in developing these materials.

10. Videos and Infographics

10 Ways to Build Brand Signals for SEOCreating compelling videos and infographics is also a good idea.

If you are outsourcing it, it can be a bit expensive, but trust me, it’s worth it. Distributing these materials across different directories and relevant websites is an effective brand promotion tactic.

If possible, you should also consider maintaining a YouTube channel since this can help build an amazing trust signal for your business.